Groove Agent (that comes with cubase)

hi Steinberg Support Team

I,am very grad full on the things steinberg has brad on the topic Synth,s. like Hypnotic ,Triebewerk ,Retrologue ,Pad shop and VST Sound Instrument Set for Prologue. Seeing that to my opinion Groove Agent ONE the drum module that comes with the cubase pack is little left behind and if i,am honest Steinberg came out with a VST sound instrument set ELEK Drums expanding Groove Agent ONE drum library with new drum kits. Personally not knowing what,s in store for the future i,am truly truly hopping for Groove Agent ONE one of the things to put on the list of Expanding it to a new level to what it is now.

hopely a sequal to come on the currant Groove Agent ONE making it Groove Agent TWO.

Thanks from Marc M.

Groove Agent 3 is here…



groove agent 3 is evan Not compatible with OSX lion 10.7
you can,t even compare the 2 programs where groove agent ONE that comes with cubase is more update to today,s standard.

Dude, the Cubase forum would be a better place for all these posts… :sunglasses:

Lol Robin xD

No, that’s not what they should do. What they should do is to get proper names for their products.
Groove Agent ONE does not look like or work like Groove Agent 3 at all.
HALion Sonic is not HALion ONE, nor Halion 4.
For some reason they actually managed to get HALion Sonic SE to both work like and look like HALion Sonic …
And WHY, OH, WHY can’t they call the full Cubase version SOMETHING?!!!? No matter what version people buy they think they bought Cubase.
Then they read the manual and stumble on “Cubase only!” which should be read as “this only works in the full version of Cubase so if you bought Cubase Artist you can skip this chapter!” but they read on thinking “OK, I just bough Cubase so this is for me!” … NO, it’s not!
What was wrong with SX/SL > "Cubase SX only???
Would be great to have “Cubase SX7”?
Why do they think it’s a good idea to call things the same?

If they got the names right they wouldn’t confuse their customers into thinking it’s possible to upgrade something that’s part of the Cubase EXE file (and not even a separate plugin DLL file) and get a full separate VSTi plugin.

If they called Groove Agent ONE e.g. SweetLittleSixteen or WHATEVER nobody would ask for a 4x4 pad drum thingie to be upgradable to a two slider drum thingie. But they didn’t so now they ought to answer :laughing:

And just FYI this is not a dig at Steve. I’ll save that for another topic :mrgreen:

:laughing: nice!

Great points… should be its own topic.