Groove agent to make beats

Hello Steinberg community, i’m new to beat making and Cubase V9. Please bare with me if this question show’s much of a noob I am. :smiley: I’ve been playing around with the product and came across Groove Agent Se V4. My question is, is it possible to create beats directly from the Pads in Groove Agent?

I’m able to do this in Beat Designer, but I prefer the feel of using a sampler vs the point an click feel of Beat Designer. Seems like Beat Designer is able to recognize the samples that have been loaded into the pads, but i’m unable to create/build anything from the pads directly.

Any tips or tricks will be gladly appreciated.

I’ve also started looking at tutorials vids, but I don’t see anyone actually using it the way i’m trying to.

Yes, I find that beat designer feels a bit mechanical.
What you should be able to do is:

  1. Add an instrument track with GA as the instrument
  2. Press Record in Cubase and record the beats you press in GA.
    (If this doesn’t work, then insert a MIDI track after the GA track and record into the MIDI track - if you insert a MIDI track after the instrument then Cubase automatically links the MIDI to the instrument track.)
  3. Rather than actually click the pads in GA on screen (fiddly), I use my midi keyboard to input the beats - either the keys or the pads on the MIDI keyboard.
    Hope this helps.

Creating beats is very good with Groove Agent, just record a long run and play around on your keyboard. Mostly i play around until i find a rythm and beat that is good, if your midi timing of cubase is allright it will record the swing groove, and you just cut the best parts out and keep them. So i first start with a recording in midi of groove agent instrument, just playing around and have some fun. Then i just keep the best parts, mostly the onces with swing groove or just sound good…