Groove Agent: unable to find the output control for pads on

I am lloking to allocate drum pads to specific channels on the mixer for a prticular kit.

Previously I have found this control on the main tab on the GA interface.

This particular kit I am using is one of those that has a pictorial representation of the drums and it has a few knobs at the bottom of the main edit screen of each drum/pad but I cannot find the outpur channel control anywhere.

Can somebody tell me where I can find it?

I assume you’re using Groove Agent SE 4 and not the full version since you posted this in the Cubase section.

You’ve selected an Acoustic Agent SE kit. The Acoustic Agent works a bit different from the Beat Agent. To change the output routing, you have to go to the Mixer page and click “Kit Mix” at the top of each drum group. In GA SE 4 you can only process, change the gain/panning or change the outputs of these drum groups, while the full version also allows you to do that to each mic they used to record the drum kits (snare top, snare bottom, all of the separate cymbals, etc), allowing for greater customization of your drum sound.

Thank you for that explanation.

I have a similar question. Once I load an Groove instrument I can assign the pads with the sounds no problem. But, when I load another instrument, I have to reassign the outputs all over again. Is there a way to assign a pad, and then whatever sound/instrument is loaded then the sound from that pad goes to the channel?