Groove Agent ..Which Version ??

Hi ,

I’ve been using Cubase 7.5 and very happy with it .

Occasionally I will use Groove Agent … I bought Groove Agent4 last year and use it for basic tasks .

However, it’s a bit confusing .
My Cubase7.5 now has Groove Agent SE , Groove Agent and Groove Agent 1
Groove Agent4 is found inside my Cubase as “Groove Agent”
What is Groove Agent 1 ?
What is Groove Agent SE ?

I recently purchased some GA add-ons Rock Essentials and Pop Essentials , both licenced via my eLicencer.
I can see these new sets’ thumbnails in the Agents page…
Problem I have now is when I try to call up any of these new sounds in GA4 I get:
“The preset could not be loaded.This can happen if the preset was saved by a newer version of this plug-in or by an incompatible version of this plug-in”

Shouldn’t this be a simple process ? it is totally confusing .

Regards , Michael


Groove Agent One is an old version of Groove Agent, which was part of Cubase, until Cubase 6.
Groove Agent SE 4 replaced Groove Agent One since Cubase 7. So Groove Agent SE comes with Cubase.
Groove Agent 4 is an independent plug-in and license, the most advanced one.

Regarding to the message:

  1. Make sure, you open it with Groove Agent 4.
  2. Make sure, Groove Agent 4 is up-to-date.