Groove agent

So I found this loop I like in Groove Agent using Cubase 9 pro. It is simply me holding down one note on my keyboard controller and it gives me a beat that I like.

I want to dissolve this into separate tracks for each sound like we can do for beats made in beat designer but I can’t figure out how. The MIDI track is of course just one MIDI note represent but it contains a kick, snare, hi-hats etc. Is there a way to do this with a Groove Agent MIDI loop like this?

Hi Gentoo,

Simply go to MIDI (towards top left of screen) then Dissolve part, then make sure Separate Pitches and Optimised Display is selected and then click OK!

It will then create individual tracks for each kit piece!

Hope this helps?

Kind regards

James Colah

For total control.

In the Groove agent, above the pads, you will see an option of pattern and instrument.
Hit pattern, now locate the pattern you are triggering with your note.

Now you can click and select pattern, drag and dump that in to the midi track. This will give you the midi pattern of the induvidual drums (copy/past/edit to fill up the loop).

For audio, you need to activate more outputs. There is a down arrow on top of the groove agent window and also a down arrow in the groove agent vst quick controls window (track/rack window). Use that and locate your vsti outputs.

Now that you have activated more outputs, you can start to assign the triggered pads to individual outputs. You do that by right clicking on pad and selecting a induvidual output.

Things to keep in mind is to check if there are any fx or funky routings on the groove agent setup. You might want to continue and mix inside the groove agent or do a pad by pad export, if it is a complex mix setup inside groove agent.

Took a minute to figure out what you meant but this worked. I just have to copy and paste the rest of it. I’m usd to creating my own beats in Halion Sonic se but really liked this loop.

Thanks very much! :slight_smile: