Groove Agent

Can anyone suggest a good video for how Groove Agents works with Dorico? Thanks.

Try this one:


Sadly it was of no help. Music just a hobby and I try and carve out small bits of time to do it, but - like this morning - all the time was used up trying to get Dorico to do what I want it to.

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Great overview and it looks like an exciting new feature that will lend itself well with Ample Sound guitars.

If you’d like to tell us a bit more about what you were trying to do and the problems you ran into, I’m certain we could provide further help.

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Exactly! Can’t wait to try it out… :wink:

It wasn’t what I was originally trying to do when I first posted but I can say that my work lunchbreak is over and I failed to get a single drumbeat from Groove Agent onto the staff. Alas, no free time until until next weekend now.

Thanks for the feedback, Matt. You need to set Groove Agent SE to Pattern mode rather than Instrument mode to be able to drag and drop a pattern, and you need to drag and drop the MIDI file into the Key Editor or Play mode rather than onto the staff.

I didn’t want to use a pattern (though I did fail to do that last time I had some free time). Over lunch I wanted to put a single Kick 1 (C1) note on a staff.

Ah, I see. Well, unfortunately you can’t drag and drop individual notes like that into the staff.

I didn’t imagine you could. I didn’t get the note on the staff at all. Still, I’ll resume next weekend. I mean how hard it be?

Sorry, Matt, I’m struggling to understand: if you didn’t imagine that you could drag and drop an individual note onto the staff, what were you trying to do?

I just wanted four beats of Kick 1. It doesn’t drag and drop, I can’t record and play it in live, I can’t place C1 on the stave. As I say I’ll revisit it next Saturday when I next have free time. Never has a piece of software made me feel so inept. It’s playing the Kontakt synth fine, the Spitfire Audio samples, etc… but can I get Groove Agent to do the simplest thing? Nope - not me.

P.s. After being told “that’s not the way Dorico works” I’m super-excited to see I can now move the notes with the mouse. A massive improvement. [Just to add a positive].

OK, I see what you mean. The simplest way to insert notes on a percussion kit, if you don’t want or need to drag and drop a pattern, is to just click them in or type them in.

If you use mouse input, you can click in the bottom space of the five-line staff to input a kick drum.

If you use keyboard input, by default Dorico treats a five-line percussion staff as if it uses a treble G clef, so the bottom space in the staff corresponds to the pitch F, so you can show the caret in the drum set staff and type F to input a kick drum note.

This page in the First Steps guide discusses drum set input in a bit more detail:

(I got this link by Googling “drum set note input Dorico”, in case that’s helpful to know.)

This video is pretty old, but the basic information contained within is still all correct:

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Ah, Drum Kit and Percussion are different. Got it. Thanks. I’ll have a go next weekend. Percussion defaults to the Halion, then you switch to Groove Agent and everything stops working again. Anyway… work beckons. I’m sure I’ll take your advice and just keep Googling.

I gave it a further thirty minutes. You can enter stuff here, but it never plays anything. How I wish I had been sitting here writing music instead.

In case you wish to think I’m not Googling, I did watch… “just input your drum parts as normal and Dorico will handle the rest.” No.

Paper and pencil is pretty brain dead to use, but I’ve never gotten playback to work there either!

Hit the gear icon on your track up above and check that you se the percussion map properly to be the one for Groove Agent.


It’s a fair point. If I’d spend lunch with pencil and paper I would have ended with something to show for my efforts.

Dude, look people here are trying to help you, if you just keep whining it’s not going to go anywhere.


It isn’t going anywhere.