Groove Agent's midi out (to host)

As hard as i tried, i coud not ‘‘rec’’ Groove agent’s 3 midi data, to Cubase’s 7 64dit midi track.
Could you help me?

I have never been able to record groove agent 3 to cubase. Bought GA3 two years ago and tried with Cubase 5 and now 7 - tried everything - very frustrating!!! - hope someone knows and can answer.

Up to version 5, everything worked flawlessly and you could export midi notes directly to CB.

Versions 6 & 7 does not seem to support this, neither through JBridge.

In 7 (win x64) I have discover a strange and clumsy way to record the GA3 midi output to file:


In the SetUp page be sure that the Midi Output switch is in “Record To File” position.

In the main page, select the rhythm that you like. Press RUN so you can listen to it.

Back in the SetUp page. Toggle the Midi Output switch to “Off”.

In your desktop you will discover a file named Grove Agent 3 output.mid

Drag and drop it to your project.

I know it’s stupid, but it works!