Groove extraction of Audio. First Hitpoint not used on grid

Hello Folks,

I am on Win7 64bit and Cubase 64bit 8.0.20

I have a problem with extracting a groove from hitpoints. Everytime i do this from an audiotrack the first Hitpoint is not reflected in the quantisation grid.

  1. open a new project
  2. Insert an audiotrack (preferably a drumtrack) somewhere in the Projekt.
  3. Detect Hitpoints
  4. drag the audioevent on the groove box within the quantisation panel or use “groove extraction” from the sample editor.
  5. Your quantisation should now be replaced with your extracted groove.
  6. Mark the Audioevent in the projekt window to see the Hitpoints.
  7. Compare the Hitpoints with the grid.

Are they a perfect match or is the first Hitpoint missed out on the grid?