Groove Monkee Midi Drum loops now for GA4

hello there ,
just found out that groove monkee now use groove agent 4 in their midi drum loop formats , they also have a short pdf manual on the various ways on how to install them . they also have free ga4 drum loop packs to download

here is the link :

hopefully youll soon get loads of 3rd party midi loops for ga4


It’s a shame they are “MIDI” patterns and no “Styles”.
You don’t need GA4 to play MIDI patterns.
hopefully youll soon get loads of 3rd party “Styles” for ga4.



Well you need at least something to play drums (if you want drums) and if what you got is GA4 it is nice to know that you are not limited to the puny library that comes with GA4. With 3. party grooves you can build and save grooves on the pads. That is neat if you go live. The only difference compared to styles is that you do not have the complexity slider. You can compensate by having variety of the grooves on different pads. There will always be more available MIDI grooves than styles. Styles are limitations. Grooves are everything. Unless you do your own drumming. Since GA is soooooo much a smaller product in the market than many competitors my cents is on that there will be no styles from any 3. party. Grooves are more universal (if you get the mapping right).