Groove quantize please

I could really use groove quantize. Ideally it would be a realtime MIDI insert. Include a few bundled grooves, say MPC swing and the DNA grooves. Make it easy to load new grooves.

PS thanks for making my last wish fulfilled (23.98 frame rate)

you can already groove quantize … your just not supplied with the grooves

See here:

Yes that is how I’m having to do it now, but that is very primitive and definitely not that way it should work. First of all, there is no MIDI insert for groove quantize so you can’t do realtime quantize, only destructive quantize. It makes it impossible to play with quantization strengths, etc.

Also, that means you need to import dozens of midi files into your template and when you want to use one, you scroll down, make a quantize out of it, scroll back up and then apply it. Really makes it hard to quickly audition and find one you like.

There are some good presets from the VST days at Steiny’s .ftp site. Might be in Additional Content on the install DVD, depending on version.

The problem isn’t the lack of presets, you can already make a groove template out of any midi file. The problem is that its not user friendly, not convenient, and not powerful. I would say that Digital Performer is a good example of the current best implementation.

Groove is a lot more complex than Groove Quantise. I never use it and all my stuff grooves.
Getting the right tempo first is the secret. There may be a world of difference between, say a blues number, in one key of 132 and another at 135bpm.
Ever get an idea one day and next it sounds awful? Well log the bpm and chances are it won’t.

Not telling you what to do just trying to help.

you scroll down, make a quantize out of it, scroll back up

If you use the Key editor all your quantize presets appears in single view (which must be implemented on the quantize panel instead that annoying list)


The thing is I don’t dare save anything to that list (if that is possible). The reason being that 9 times out of 10 I am using the standard quantize values and it would get super cluttered since there are no folders in that drop down. Even just importing the grooves from PT for example would make a list several pages long. So groove quantize really needs to be a separate function than quantize and have its own organizational system.