groove quantize

Hi ,

I’m trying to create a groove quantise out of midi.
as an example , i’m trying to play 16th not and shuffle only the 4th 16th (
and i want to create such a quantise .

the problem , when I play a rhythem and use create quantise groove preset , does not work as expected . with audio for some reason it works good.

If any one can tell me how to do it , i will appreciate it alot

Thanks in advanced


I’m not in Cubase right now. But if this is nit just my dream, drag-and-drop the MIDI part to the Quantize display (where you can see the grid and green lines. This should create the preset (if it’s not just my dream). :slight_smile:


It wasn’t a dream. See attachment, please. :wink:

sick ! thanks alot !