Groove Quantizing - what am I missing?

I’m trying to apply a groove quantize to some audio, and Cubase 6 (not 6.5) seems to be trying to stop me.

Firstly, using Create Groove Quantize preset - which I presume is the same as the old Part to Groove function - on a MIDI drum groove, I expected the grid to reflect every note in the Part. It doesn’t. Some notes don’t have grid lines, and some notes aren’t ON the grid line nearest to them.

Second, the old Quantize Setup dialogue has gone missing, replaced I presume by the Quantize Panel. But this doesn’t seem to allow any manual changes to the grid lines.

Finally when I apply the Groove quantize to the Audio drum tracks, some very strange moves take place - the beat 1 kick drum (which really doesn’t need moving at all) on the very first bar gets pulled left to the last grid line of the previous bar, and this happens fairly randomly throughout the song.

Any ideas very welcome.

I know … this is really frustrating! Warp Quantize does the same thing with audio. The only way I get the groove Quantize to work with audio, is by slicing the audio track at hitpoints and then applying the quantize. I hope they will fix that in next update.

same here ,ive never had decent results from "quantize groove" looks like its been neglected ,and it dosnt even seem so hard to see where it is going wrong ,you can see where it puts the hitpoints but then when you ask it to create a groove , its as if the message isn`t been sent to the quantize department . anyway there is a lot of things going off in cubase 6 , it probably gets overlooked.


Can anyone tell me if Create Groove Quantize Preset has somehow got broken from the old Part To Groove, which used to work quite well in the earlier versions?

And what about making manual changes to the grid? Is it even possible any more?

if the groove quantise mis placed or missed any grid lines i turned off quantise and aproximated where they were supposed to go ,and would manualy fill in. it worked ok sometimes . but someone put me on to KT drum trigger it turns audio into midi ,it does work but it has been a while since i used it . i do remember though ,once it had created the midi track ,the midi track all lagged behind a few mili seconds through latency ,but this was easily corrected by grabbing the whole midi track and dragging to the correct position, here`s a link if you want to check it out .it looks complicated but just read the instructions it does work

Absolutely, Time Warp Tool. Still the same as it’s was :stuck_out_tongue:


You misunderstand me - I don’t want to change the tempo. I only want a customised grid to quantize to… so instead of (say) a regular 16T grid, I want one that’s a bit looser, to fit an existing MIDI drum part.

It used to be possible (with the old Quantize Setup window) to manually move the individual lines in the grid (one bar only) and save the result as a groove template. This could then be applied (in my project) to the whole live drum track.

Sherlock Holmes,I Presume. bug detector extraordinaire. :laughing:

Elementary, my dear Watson.

Using KT Drum triggers isn’t relevant here, as it’s a MIDI groove I’m trying to impose on an audio track.

(I used to have KT, haven’t used it for years - Drumagog much better for that stuff)

Have you had success in the past with previous versions doing this. I first tried using quantize groove in cubase 5 ,and it didn’t work right for me ,so I have never bothered with it since , but it would be interesting to know that it did work properly once a upon a time.

It’s not something I use very often, but has definitely worked for me in the past.

I was a bit thrown by the change of terminology - Part to Groove has become Create Groove Quantise Preset, and the old Quantise Setup seems to have disappeared altogether.

The strangest thing is that Create Groove Quantise Preset seems to only make a grid out of some of the notes in the Part, and some grid lines don’t line up with the notes.

Could someone with EZ Drummer, BFD or Superior try this - drag a groove into a MIDI track, select the Part and Create Groove Quantise Preset, and see where the grid lines fall in relation to the notes in the Part?


i tried it out using the way you want to do it , and it worked good here , and where the grid lines were missing there was quantization, actualy i thought they were good results…The way i use it is different to you, i try to quantize groove from an audio clip, but i get nothing but poop results.

I’ve just noticed this issue…

If I create a groove from a MIDI clip the position percentage in the quantize pannel does nothing!..

This is important for me and was working before I upgraded to 6.5. If I say import a groove from FXpasion Guru at 100% I was able to create a groove from MIDI and then adjust the position percentage in real time to get the groove I want, as I would in Guru. Now, it does absolutley zip!!!

I hope Cubase get this sorted as I waited ages for this feature having used Abletons and Gurus groove functions, got the feature I wanted and now its gone again… > :unamused:

The only workaround is to create a groove template per percent, so thats 100 templates for just 1 type of groove, not very practicle.

Fingers crossed this is a bug that will be ironed out with the next update

Are you able to alter the groove quantize position? If not I guess its been broken during the update…


My vote goes to allowing manual edits of gridlines within the quantize panel.

Yes, a vote from me too for some sort of a “grid editor”. That way you can experiment a lot faster with various groove adjustments.

I have the same problem, the grid lines doesn’t show up properly when using a quantize grid from a groove template made in the sample editor. Pretty disapointed with this behaviour, hard to work with. Ableton Live’s much better in this area.

Edit: to tell the truth this feature really sucks in Cubase, it’s almost unusable. But it’s a really handy feature to create quickly a feeling to your tracks.

Yes - and it used to work rather well. I’m thinking something got changed/broken down the line.

If anyone is able to quantise from a user groove template, please say how…