Groove Templates GONE?

Loaded Cubase today, Cubase took longer than usual to start up

Project I’m working on loaded, noticed the Groove templates (the additional ones that were posted on this forum), that I had saved as extra presets as part of my quantize options were all gone and I was left with only the factory defaults?

I havent reset or deleted them or restored factory settings they are just no longer there?

I can re do them but what a pain, what a mystery too?

Anyone know which windows folder these should be in, want to have a look see if they really have ‘vanished’?

OK so since original occurance

I re loaded groove templates project and re saved all the presets it supplies, took me about 1 hour to do, it seemed like longer :unamused:

(this is the project supplied by a mod on the forum to extend from a basic set of quantize presets to a more extensive range of settings, you load it up and in turn save each one…great, and I use these presets to give rhythm elements some swing)

Fine since, Today it lost them again?

Not sure if it was mid project, or on loading? They are simply not there…

Any suggestions as to what could cause this to happen? Is it happening to anyone else?

Emailed support on this will update the thread, never know might be of help someday

Support got back to me really quickly

Suggested I make sure the program runs ‘as adminsitrator’ (by right clicking the logo and setting this in the properties / advanced options tab) this way it runs as admin every time

Its been fine since, will update thread if have the problem again