Groove Templates - Useful for quantize

Hi Betamac,
Thanks for getting back to me.

No, I haven’t used hitpoints as this is not what I’m trying to achieve.

I would like to know if the groove position percentage works on single slices of audio on the arrange page.
Position percentage.jpg
Did you replicate these steps?

**1) Blank project

2) Import audio (a small sample, like a hi-hat)

3) Duplicate 16ths across 1 bar

4) open qauntize panel and select a groove preset

5) Use these settings

Pre-q = 16
Max move = 16th
Original position = unticked
Randomize = 0 ticks
Auto = On

  1. Select the audio
  2. Adjust the position slider**

If you use these settings, when you adjust the groove position percentage the slices of audio should move automatically in relation to the pecentage, as does with MIDI.

I don’t always want 100% of the groove and like to audition different percentages while the track is playing.

Betamac, That was super helpful. Thanks!

I’m havinbg a problem saving groove templates. They go into the quantize panel and save ok, yet when I boot up cubase again they are gone.

I am on 7.02 with windows 7 64 bit. I have run cubase as administrator as suggested above but still doesn’t work

I don’t know what could be causing this, I would contact support

Thanks for this Betamac, c’est genial!

Hey everyone,

So I’ve always had weird issues tying to implement and use groove quantize practically (De-fine I had some of your issues as well.) I think I’ve just figured out the source of some strange behavior, and this thread seems as good a place as any to document it.

What always confused me is that I noticed when I applied a groove to a midi pattern, with the position % set to ZERO, my midi data would still move. Please note that ‘pre-quantize’ is turned OFF. However, other times this was not the case - the position % seemed to behave as expected, with lower % moving the midi notes only slightly, and higher % moving them quite a bit.

I think what’s happening is that if you apply a groove (prequantize set to off) to a midi pattern, before the groove is applied, any previous quantization is removed.

Thus, I would often:

  1. record a pattern free hand
  2. quantize it very loosely with some iterative quantization
  3. decide I wanted to apply a bit of groove. I would load the groove, set the position to zero, hit quantize or auto, which should do the same thing initially, and be shocked to find my midi moving, in spite of having set the position to zero.

What was happening was that step 3 was undoing the iterative quantization from step 2, so that the midi was identical to how it was before any quantization took place. Why Steinberg???

In an ergonomically ideal Cubase world, a dialog would pop up asking you if you want to freeze, or warning that you will lose your previous quantizing work if you continue.

SB support would say that you should do a Freeze Quantize before using the groove grid, I suppose.

Thank you as well!

Here I was bouncing midi files and creating hitpoints in the audio files etc…

I wish i could import my custom and ableton grooves from live 8 into cubase… Preferably into the “ahem” new groove section in mediabay…

Not for right now, but soon;)

seems that the attachement is no longer available

Hi betamac,
:unamused: can anybody help me with getting my groove templates into Cubase pro 8 - I tried to follow betamac’s instructions but didn’t get it done. :confused: :confused:

How do I get my DMA groove templates ( xxx.grv) - and I got plenty of them - into my new Cubase pro 8 ??

To import groove template in Cubase 8

  1. create midi track
  2. drag or import groove template to midi track
  3. Select to highlight template from midi track
  4. Go to edit on main menu-> Advance Quantize -> Create groove Quantize Template (if its greyed out reselect midi track)

You need to save or if you select another groove Quantize you will loose it (it will have * to say its not been saved)

  1. Near quantize selections on main overview page - press little arrow to open quantize panel.
  2. press + to save.

Not sure if you can import lots all at once as the above is a bit tedious - yawn!

Hello , does someone have some groove templates please? there where some free before on this forum but i cannot find them anymore
thx you very much