Groove templates?

In Reason there is a thing called the groove mixer. You can create groove files by analysing Rex files (and there is a load of presets) , this captures the human feel of a beat or the swing of a drum machine and you can blend that into the groove of your midi track to make it less robotic . Is there a similar thing in Cubase?

Dunno about rex files, but you can create groove templates from hitpoint:

The Rex files are irrelevant, that’s just the way Reason does it. This is exactly what I was after. Thanks!

You can use Rex files and extract the midi from those files . Rex has been around a lot longer than Reason , it was Recycle in conjunction with Akai and Steinberg that brought the whole REX format to light and it’s still a good format to extract midi from the slices :

Propellerhead Software was founded in 1994 by Ernst Nathorst-Böös, Marcus Zetterquist and Peter Jubel, who still hold prominent positions within the company.[1] Their first release was ReCycle, a sample loop editor that could change the tempo of a loop without affecting the pitch. The export medium was Propellerhead’s own REX format. ReCycle was launched in conjunction with Steinberg, who marketed it as a companion to Cubase, as it brought a simple way of gaining control over tempo and timing of audio loops.[2]

Im a Reason user and bought Cubase because of their past shared development of stuff like ReWire. But apparently that partnership belongs in the past and ReWire is no more. The Reason rack plug-in wins on convenience but lacks in a few important areas for me.

Is there a limit to the length of the groove quantise sample? If for example I wanted to play a bassline to a whole verse of a song live on a guitar and put that groove on the midi for an upright bass track would that work?

Rewire yes but importing rex files and extracting the midi no , Rex files are still valid Grooves file formats . Rex file imports have existed since the daw of time in Cubase , way before Reason as i mentioned . Have you tried importing rex files and extracting midi ? I’m just trying to show you that REX is still very valid after 20 odd years
Importing ReCycle Files (