GrooveAgent 5 one file not copied to destination folder

Am not sure if this is an issue or not, but just reporting.
I downloaded GrooveAgent 5 via Steinberg Download Assistant as part of Absolute 5 purchase.
When i click the Open button, it started to copy the files to the destination directory.
I have checked the checkbox to clear the source (downloaded) folder after copy, but one file (FCP_SMT_146_GA_Studio_Kit_Eco.vstsound) stayed in the downloaded folder.
In the destination folder i couldn’t find the file, so i manually copied it to the destination folder.
I double clicked on the file and it opened the Steinberg Library Manager and it was trying to install the file, so I installed it.

I found a similar issue in Halion 6 vstsound files. I re-downloaded Halion 6 contents and manually tried to copy all the .vstsound files to the destination folder and the highlighted files were not present there in the destination folder.
So could it be that while I initially downloaded it (as trial), it didn’t copy over few files to the destination folder?