GrooveAgent Failed To Locate 8 Samples !


I’ve made about 50 (more or less) projects in cubase. & Almost all of the projects i’ve used samples in, every time i re-load the project … i get a “GrooveAgent Failed to locate X amount of samples”

Now to solve the problem, i have to locate each sample individually, how i do this is using the “finder” on a MAC and search the samples myself … (why can’t the system just do it ?)

On top of that, i’ll find the sample once, and it will load, okay i’d think it saves the sample in the database. THEN for some odd reason it makes me look for the same sample 2 times !!!

Is it supposed to be like this ? If so i don’t think i want to go through this hassle every time i reload a project. I thought you’d just click the project file and the system automatically finds the samples.

I need to how to avoid doing this, its a major waste of time

Hi avmusic ,

When you are working with GA1 if you use only system samples (that come with Cubase) then it automatically knows where to look, however if you make your own presets and these contain your own samples then you need to add a search URL to Media-Bay so that it knows where to look in future. I’m not sure of the exact circumstance of your problem but if you are using any of your own samples and you haven’t done this (add URL) then that will be your problem.

If alternatively you are trying to load an old GA1 project that used custom samples, and you have updated/re installed Cubase since you originally created them its unlikely that any previously added Media-Bay URL’s would have survived, so you would need to add them again.

If you ever need to archive a file in GA1 so that it can be moved to another system or just stored indefinitely so that it will always work, then you need to save your custom preset as an archive file (.gak) and not just a normal preset because this only contains references to where files are located whereas the archive contains all relevant data (samples etc). This might sound confusing because if the preset stores references to where files are located then why do you need to add a search URL in C7 Media-Bay? Answer: Because they work independently of each other, so GA1 might know it needs a sample from somewhere but that somewhere won’t exist unless its been added as a location in Media Bay (from what I understand at least). Hope this helps!


Kat :slight_smile:

Thank you Kat

No worries dude :slight_smile: