GrooveAgent one vs SE

I cant find anything on direct differences between these, I know 7.5 still had both, 9 seems to have cut one in favor of SE im sure SE is a more full featured version but one was nice for lightweight use, what are the the main difference does SE have everything one had? Is it still possible to have ONE also?


There’s no reason to use GA ONE anymore other than compatibility with old projects. Groove Agent SE does everything it did but better. Some new features include MIDI grooves, several higher quality filters, vintage sampler/turntable emulation, loop slicing, and an internal mixer that allows you to apply effects to separate elements of your drumkits easily.

Yes, it’s still possible to use GA One. Follow the instructions given here:

I still have it in my set up and use it occasionally as a simple lean drum box.

Thanks guys, does one know what setting i must toggle so that that display for slices etc follow the pad that is being triggered via the midi controller? If i click a pad with mouse its fine, but with controller it doesn’t update display?

And also is it possible to make the start and end point of each pad independent? thats in sample edit, not slice is that right?