GrooveAgent SE4 and Akai MPK mini

I am having probems with GrooveAgent SE4 on cubase 10, and my Akai MPK mini. The pads on the mpk dont match at all with the pads on Groove Agent. So I’m trying to Map them.

  1. I right click on a pad in GA, then “Edit/Learn trigger note”. Then I press a pad. As example, the top left pad on the MPK for top left pad on GA. As I press the pad on the mini, the “E0” note is entered into that pad on GA.

  2. I come out of “edit/learn” mode, and press the top left pad on the mpk. On GA it plays the bottom left pad, a kick drum, which has “C1” marked on the pad in GA.

Whats going on? Ive tried re=assigning notes on the MPK using Akai’s editing software but that doesnt work. Ive checked the notes through a midi Monitor software - they tie on with the “E” being sent out from the top left pad. I have the midi input/output set to the generic remote, as “MPK mini 2”

Any ideas please ?

I´m having the same issue. Have you found any solution?

I’m afraid not.

Hi There,

I have the Akai MPD218 and Groove agent. What i did to make it work:
I got the MPD 218 Editor and set the MIDi notes as desired to work with GA. Most likely you will want to set it that you can use it as the instrument mode, group 3 (C1 -D#2) so you can finger drum. On my MPD i have 3 pads, that i have programed to work with group 2, 3 and 4 in GA

For the MPK mini there is also an editor, check under downloads.

Ah (i just read on a bit), you already tried that. than you must check in cubase what midi note it recieves, for it could be an octave off (C1 instead of C2 or something like that); correct accordingly

Good Luck,

What I found out so far, is that mapping via the Akai Editor in general works fine. What seems to be the issue, is that all the mapped Pads are off by one octave, like Freakwave said. Maybe some communication issue between the MPK and Cubase. So, if you want to have the Kick on, lets say Pad 4, you have to assign C2 to Pad 4 in the Akai Editor. Then Cubase/Grooveagent will interpret Pad 4 as C1. Not really a solution but kind of a workaround.
Nevertheless, if there´s any solution for the issue, it is highly appreciated :slight_smile:

As far as I know Akai use C4 as middle C, Steinberg like Yamaha use C3 as middle C.