GrooveAgent SE5 confusion (Cubase 11 pro, Windows)

I just noticed something about GrooveAgent SE5 I never noticed before In Instrument mode, in the Edit Window it shows you the sample and you can set the begin and end points, and set volume and pitch and filtering and so forth just for that sample. Click on a different pad and get a different sample and you can set all those things just for THAT sample. Fine; that makes sense.

But if you click on the Mixer button, right next to the Edit button, say, to add a reverb insert, it applies to all the samples, not just to the currently-selected one. From a UI/UX standpoint this seems inconsistent. If I add reverb to my kick I get it on my snares, hats, everything.

In Groove Agent SE5 is there any way to add an insert, say for reverb or flanging or compression or whatever, to an individual sample?

Thanks in advance.