GrooveAgent SE5: Hihat changes sound of Kick in Classic 80s preset

Question for the GrooveAgent specialists. I loaded the “Classic 80s” preset in groove agent, and I noticed that the Hihat (#G1 or #A1) will somehow change the sound of the Kick drum if it is triggered at the same time or later as the kick on #C1. This is true even if I mute the Hihat pad in GA5. If I move the Hihat event just one tick earlier, it is back to normal.
Example with muted Hihat Events:

Example with HiHat

The Kick drum becomes a shorter, higher pitched sound, as if plaxed at a higher sample rate.

What am I missing here? Is it some setting I am missing? Is this some kind of weird choke group?

That’s because these two pads are part of the same Exclusive Group, yes.

Exclusive Groups allow a closed hi-hat to choke the sound of an open hi-hat, for example. You can fix that by selecting the kick and then changing “Excl” to off, removing the kick from the group:

This is a preset from the old Groove Agent ONE plug-in. This appears to be a slip up present in the original preset and not some kind of import issue.

“Exclusive Group” - argh… I searched for “choke group” in the documentation, but that didn’t yield any results. It’s easy to find if you just use the right search terms…Thanks!