GrooveAgent5 can't replace replace single instruments pad

When I open the Library browser, I can only select the entire drum kit, while the Instrument option still only selects the entire kit. I remember that this option used to replace a single instrument. Is it because I made some settings wrongly caused such a change?How can I solve this problem?

In your screenshot, you have the browser setup to only show Beat Agent SE presets, which belongs to the Groove Agent SE stock content.

It looks like your Groove Agent SE 5 presets aren’t up to date. Please update the Groove Agent SE 5 content using the Steinberg Download Assistant. The individual drum kit pieces should then show up for the Beat Agent SE presets.

All my libraries are up to date, I just chose a sound library to take a screenshot. No matter which timbre library I choose, software doesn’t show single instruments correctly.
Interestingly, GA5SE can read instruments correctly, while the full version of GA5 cannot…

Hello, updating the library will not solve this problem, nor can reinstall GA5. Is there any other solution?