GrooveAgent5 Recorder Problem

Hello specialists!

I have been trying for hours to record the microphone signal directly in GA5 in the recorder. The level in the recorder remains empty.

after a very good video I did exactly that, but without success.
Steinberg Groove Agent 5 Tutorial Ep #14 - The Sample Recorder - YouTube

Here some screenshots:

Stereo input on the UR44

the routing to an audio channel - the Stereo In has Signal, the sent of RecS is active for SideChain, monitor on

SideChain for GA5 - I take the Sent from RecS

no Signal - Input Gain shows nothing

when i clap in my hands, the stereo in channel shows a signal (see picture nr.2), the RecS not. Is that the problem?

Does anyone know a solution, it would save me hours of work if the direct recording in GA5 could work :slight_smile: ?


Hi JoaMus,
you should try to de-activate “direct monitoring” in → Studio Setup ->Audiosystem.

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Hi Cubender,

BINGO! Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:


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