Group Assignments and Routing (Pro9.5)

Just meet another bug! I think so.

Have ~80 tracks of audio. Must group vocals, guitars, drums, synths to the separate groups and these four groups to one group (BUS1) - last in chain before Stereo Out. BUS2 is my reference bus. I route every track to his group. Then I make visible only groups to have possibility select them quicly without scrolling on MixConsole. Then I select these four groups and click on “Add Group Channel to Selected Channels…”.

The Result - audio tracks now have routed to BUS1, not to their own groups. But this happens not to all audio tracks. Drums still are routed through his own group.

Very strange. Of course, I can go through all 80 tracks and route them manually, but I think that was not the vision of possibility route all to anywhere and anyhow.

I tested the same on Pro 9.0. The same issue.
It seems that hidden tracks are affected very strange. I use the same project file. Now drums are routed to destination, but other tracks directly to Stereo Out.

Excuse me for my poor English :slight_smile:
I created new post with step by step description + project file and screenshots.