Group bus just stops working in Nuendo 12 and don't get me started about side chain

Hi, just wondering if once again I am the only person in the world with this issue. Out of the blue a group bus just simply stops working. I make a new group bus, reroute the channels and it works fine. Is there a secret button I simply don’t know about or is it a bug that other people experience? Also I’ve given up with trying to get side chain working in some of my projects. I set everything up as normal, activate side chain, go to a channel send and the side chain link simply is not there. Is this something that others have a problem with? Might it be indicative of a wider issue as these are problems connected with routing. I am confident that I am doing everything right in the same way as I have always done it. Any thoughts would be welcome. Thanks.

Update: I have discovered that if I duplicate the bus that doesn’t work and then delete the duplicated bus the original bus starts to work without me having to do anything else!! It’s like it gets woken up or jealous…

I have encountered this issue before on Nuendo 6-11, and unfortunately, I do not know what caused these issues. Therefore, over the years, I have been reducing the use of VST plugins and trying to use only Nuendo’s own plugins as much as possible

Glad I am not alone but sorry you too have had these problems. If I ever get to the bottom of it I’ll post solutions here. All the best.

This is most certainly a single plug-in that needs a “reboot”, so to speak. Waves plug-ins seem to be typical culprits. Switching them off and on again (not just bypassing them!) usually seems to fix the problem.