Group channel automation does not follow events, by design?

Create some audio and instrument tracks. Put them in a folder.

Automation created for audio and instrument tracks follows events no problem. Copy and paste a section in a folder region, and it all moves everything within as expected.

Create a group for all the guitars, say, and construct an elaborate filter sweep on the group channel to effect them all at once. Place that group track in the folder. Copy and paste that section of the folder region, and automation for the group will not move with the copy and paste like the audio and instrument tracks do.

I can copy and paste the folder region all I want, but the automation of the groups will never move with the events, even in a folder. I would have thought that placing a group inside a folder would tell Cubase that everything in this folder is meant to be copied and pasted. And largely, that is the case. Except for group automation.

So my question then becomes: Is there a way to make the group automation follow the events of the folder, audio or instrument channels?

A group channel does not have events, so it can not follow any.

I understand that, when they are on their own. But in a folder, they have events to follow, if the folder is considered any sort of container. You can drag a folder region that has groups in it, and it just wont move the automation data of the groups. Even though if you CTRL+A, it will move everything, proving that is it fully possible, Cubase just will not do it.

Makes me wonder why they even let you put groups in a folder at all.

Any solution?

Nope. Seems like maybe we are just writing music in a way that no one at Steinberg has ever thought of before, haha. I like to create my effects as I am sequencing, but I guess everyone else just does them at the end because they are using loops. Either way, seems like a simple thing to fix.

The solution is to just copy and paste group events separately from the folder events. Not ideal.

I am using an older version of Cubase though. Might be fixed in the newest one. Happy hunting.

Use Range Selection tool on the Folder track.

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Yeah, that works. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey man, this is not working for me, can you tell me what I’m doing wrong ?

  • automation follow event is activated

  • I’m range-selecting the folder track as you can see below

  • I’m copying and pasting the selction but the automation in the red lane does not follow :confused:

Did @Accel0001 mean to use range selection tool and select accros all the projetct like below maybe ?

thanks a lot !