Group channel question

I have e.g. 7+ vocal channels + one audio instrumental. After processing vocals separately (eq, compressors, panning) I want to apply some vst on top of all vocals. So i highlight all vocals and add group channel. This allows me to have vocals in one channel (not as one wav though) but any vst I apply have no impact on vocals (doesn’t work on them). Sometimes i want to have all those vocals in wav too. What did I do wrong?Or perhaps I shouldn’t use group channel at all?



Are the outputs of all of your Vocal Audio Tracks routed to the Group Channel. If you select the Vocals in the MixConsole, then Right-click, you can Create Group for Selected Channels. This will also set the routing of the source Channels to the new Group, which is very handy.

If you want to get a result WAV, just export the Channel via Export Audio Mixdown, and import it back to the project immediately.

Thanks ! That info helps a lot.