Group Channel Side-Chaining

Hi all,

I have a Multiband Compressor set up on several tracks that are side-chained to the kick, so that the kick causes the lower frequencies to duck on those tracks. This works fine if I have a Multiband Compressor on each of the tracks that I want to affect, however since there are only 8 send slots I can only route the kick to a total of 8 side-chains.

I presumed the logical solution would be to send all the tracks in question to a Group Channel and apply a single Multiband Compressor there, however I can’t seem to find a way to stop the dry signal coming through as well. If I solo the lower frequency band for example, I can still hear all the other frequencies.

I’d have thought this would be a fairly standard procedure… am I missing something obvious?

Thanks for any help,


Learn the difference between sending a track to a group and routing its output to a group. The logical solution in your case would be the latter.

Hey, thanks for the reply.

I’ve tried both of these options (if I’m understanding correctly); selecting the group in the track sends, and changing the output bus from Stereo Out and routing it to the group instead. Either way the dry signal comes through along with the processing.

[Edit: I typed “side-chain” instead of “group”]

Ok I think I’ve discovered the source of my problem. There were some send effects on the tracks that I’ve routed to the group channel track (which were there before I started on this side-chaining escapade), and it seems that they were providing another outlet for the sound to escape through. I have disabled them now, and things appear to be operating as expected.