Group Channel Tracks

Hi guys,

I am having problems with some group channel tracks.

I set them up in a project, route my required tracks to them and set the group channel track up with the eq. and inserts etc. I require.

They work fine.

I save and close the project.

I come the next day I open the project and the Group Channel Tracks no longer work. They are showing as a track but there is no group channel track symbol in the top left corner, no sound goes to them and the tracks I sent to them have defaulted back to the stereo out channel.

When this happens the disk cahce overload meter is completely blue. When I delete the group channel tracks the disk cache overload meter returns to normal.

I would appreciate any help and advice you may be able to offer.


Start Cubase in Safe Mode or commence with fresh preferences by deleting all files in the Cubase Appliation Data folder in the Start Menu of Windows and restart cubase.

Does the behaviour depend on the insert you are using? I have a client who has a problem with C7 with one specific plugin - all the others are OK, but one gives her similar behaviour, so she’s keeping clear of C7 for the moment as there are obviously some bugs to be ironed out. FTR I don’t have the same issue on nominally the same system (same hardware, same OS, same version of Cubase), strangely.

The only way to rule issues out is by doing a clean install of windows, as anything could affect the situation from some program to a corrupted registry key.

There are tools that can help of course.