Group channel trouble

Hi Guys!

I have a weird problem that i can’t seem to figure out so maybe someone here could help me. Probably I’m doing something wrong but i don’t know what. I’ve always done this with the other cubase versions but in cubase 7 and 8 this isn’t working for me.

So lets say i have a couple of audio tracks and i want to link them to a group channel, i create a group channel, i hold down shift, i mark the tracks and then i go to routing and choose the group channel. All audio tracks get linked to the Group and that works fine.

But when i have more than one group channel i can’t seem to get it to work as i want to. If i have lets say 4 group channels and i want to link 4 audio tracks to group channel 4. I hold shift, mark the tracks and choose the group 4. Then the audio tracks gonna be spread out, one track going to group 1, the other to group 2 and so on. I want all the tracks i choose go to only group 4.

Sorry for my messy description, i hope someone will understand it=)
Anyway i would really be glad if someone could help me with that I’m doing wrong.


Hold down Shift+Alt while selecting the destination.

hehe that was easy, i was trying all the other keys, must have missed alt. Thanks man=)