Group Channels & Automations

Hi there, I’m new at this blog, So excause me if I’ve mistaked the rules…

I’m facing an issue with a groupe channel:
I did a lot of inserts/send automations and been realized after a while that accidentally the group I’ve opened is configured to mono.

Is there a way to change the configuration of existing group channel as mentioned above?
Is there a way to open all the automations sections I’m using in the mono group, in the new stereo group I’ve opened that is’nt manually?
I mean that, I know how to copy the dots I draw with the selection tool, but I still need to open each automation tab manually (volume, eq band 1 range, eq band 1 gain, sand 2 gain and ect…

Thanks for the Helpers,

Hi and welcome on the forum,

No, unfortunately you cannot switch Mono <> Stereo configuration of a Group channel.

Hi Martin thanks for your response.

What about copying/transfer all the automations from 1 gruop to another? Is there a way to do this?


Yes, this is possible. The problem is, you would need to open the exact automation tracks on the destination Group. Because Cubase doesn’t paste to the parameters automation, but simply to the tracks, which are open.