Group channels destroy panning setup of other tracks

I’m on C 5.5, but I’m guessing it’s the same for this. I create a stereo group track and send another track to it. Let’s say I pan that track hard left. Well, when it’s sent to the group channel, it just centers it. I’ve read things saying it shouldn’t do this, but it does. I have no fx inserts on the group track that would give a mono output. With absolutely no fx inserts at all, it still does it. What’s going on? Thanks for any help.

Have you discovered the send routing yet on your channel track?..if not go to the audio track you’re sending and right click on your sends panel and got to customize view and enable send routing…Done!

Now you can pan the send signal to anywhere between left and right of the stereo group track.

For more contrast use different pan laws like combined panner and dual panner.

I hope this helps

Oh and you can enable send routing for FX,Group,Instrument channels as well…more depth less masking