Group Channels

Hi guys…

can anyone help/tell me…

are group tracks/channels just for “audio tracks” or do they apply to “midi tracks” to…
because every time i try to create group channel for a set number of “midi tracks”
it creates the said “group” channel… it creates the said channel but no tracks within the said
“group” channel/track

I’m using Cubase Elements 9.40

Many Thanks For Reading Thread


It’s a Sub-group, like on a real life mixer.
You can also call it an Audio Bus.
So purely to route Audio to, be it Audio tracks or vst instruments.

If you want to group up your MIDI channels-- you gotta use “FOLDERS”.

Hi-light all the MIDI channels, Right Click and choose “Move Selected Tracks to New Folder”


Once the folder is created… you can just drag tracks into it.
Then you can expand/collapse visibility… Arm Record or monitoring as a group…Mute or Solo as a group… and thats about it :slight_smile:

Note- the above is on 9.0.4Pro- unknown on your version

If you use Instrument Tracks the MIDI & Audio are integrated. So you can route an Instrument’s Audio to a Group Channel the same way an Audio Track does.

But if you are using MIDI Tracks then there is no Audio associated with the Track and so nothing to route to a Group. What you need to do is take the the Audio Output(s) from any Rack Instrument(s) which are being driven by the MIDI Track and route that Audio to a Group Channel.