Group edit a range of clips to be the same length?

I’ve done some searching for answers on this but found nothing.

I’d like to be able to edit a range of clips on the timeline to all be the same length. I can obviously do this manually. But it seems like this should be something that Nuendo should be able to do.


6 clips sitting on a timeline, each around 3-5 seconds each. I’d like them all to be uniform at 2.5 seconds each.

Suggestions appreciated,


Nearly any parameter can be forced to absolute for a selection if you hold down CTRL while pressing enter to commit the value.

For your specific issue select all events you want to be the same length, enter the value in the info line, and then press ctrl + enter to force them all to the same value.

  1. Do you want to have all events start (and or end) at the same time,
  2. Do you want them to start and end at the same time AND be a prescribed length as well ???

To answer the first one, select the range tool, locate in empty space near front (or end) of events, hold down the mouse button and swipe across the screen selecting a range with the range tool, and hit delete.
Do the same for the other end of the events. End result, all events will be the same length.

for the second case, if you want a specific length (say all events to be 3 seconds long)… with the info line visible, use your range selection tool to highlight and area, adjust start and end so that you get the portion of the events you want and (referring to the info line) set the range to the length you want. To edit use the menu item edit/Range/Crop.

If you wanted an more automated approach, you may be able to design a macro for this, or use the project logical editor to define a process, but I have not experimented with either of those tools in regards
to your question.

With More info, maybe a more tailored solution can be found.


Thank you for the tips.

Select a range of events, editing the length in the info line, and pressing command + enter (on Mac) did exactly what I needed.

What a timesaver, thank you!