Group Edit: Alt-Eraser doesn't work

Hi, Alt-Eraser is supposed to delete all subsequent events and it does - but not in Group Edit! So they can add it to the list of other things that got missed out of this great feature.


Could you please provide step by step description?

Hi Martin,

I have a mid-side recording of an acoustic guitar using separate tracks for mid and side, grouped in a folder set to Group Edit. There are several takes, each on its own lane. If I delete a single event in one of either mid or side this is duplicated in the other, as you’d expect. But I want to restore the many edits in each take to single events so I did Alt-Eraser on the first event of each track, intending to then drag the end point out to the full length of the take, and this does indeed delete all the remaining events, again as expected except that this is not reflected in the other track in the Group Edit. This is not what I would expect.

Obviously, I can still do the job and indeed have done but I thought this omission from GE (it’s not the only one btw) should be reported.


Got it, thanks.