Group Edit Fails - Out of Synch Warning

It seems like most of the times that I try to group tracks for editing (the new feature where they are in the same folder) I get the warning dialog saying that they are not in synch. I’ve tried bouncing the tracks so they have the same start and end time…doesn’t help.

Anyone got a way to make this work reliably? Am I just not understanding it?


I’ve seen this warning too. I got around it but I can’t remember how at the moment.
I think it had something to do with the start times of the files, and then creating a new folder to put them into.

Check/Search the cubase forums, I’ve found enough answers over there to warrant a search.

So anyone else?
What is with this out of sync warning?

Thanks! I thought I was being careful about the same length but I guess I was not getting the endings the same. I’ll try again.

FR - for N6, when engaging the Edit Group Button - offer to do a bounce with existing IN/OUT marks.