[Group edit] Grabbing easy loops from multitrack drums

Question for the community:

How does everyone here create drum loops from multitrack drum recordings in C6? What’s your process for assembling the final drum performance? Love to hear how you do it, plus I have a question.

Here’s my process:

  1. Record a live drum kit performance to multiple audio tracks (kick track, snare track, OH track, etc) while monitoring Cubase’s Metronome click in headphones.
  2. Typically, I do five or six takes of different beats, fills, etc.
  3. Put the above tracks in a folder called DRUMS.
  4. Click the folder’s Group Edit button.
  5. Turn the lanes feature on for the overhead track (my choice for ease of editing).
  6. Enable Snap in the project window.
  7. Listen to the various takes, and cut the start and end points of the sections I want to use as loops (since Group Edit is on, the cuts I make on the OH track occur on all the various drum tracks simultaneously - e.g. snare, kick, etc.)
  8. Copy the newly cut drum phrases to a new lane to create a “final drum performance” lane.
  9. Move around, duplicate, etc. the various drum phrases on the final performance lane to create the final drums.

Step 8 above is where I run into a brick wall with C6. I can’t seem to copy my cut audio sections onto a new lane in order to build the final drum performance. Any ideas on how do this? I was expecting it to “just work” - and for the software to automatically create copies on a new lane in the other various drum tracks (kick, snare, etc) so everything stayed lined-up across the drum’s various multitracks.

Maybe this is the wrong way to do it with C6. If so, how do I do it?


Bump, with a plea… I’m on deadline and could use any thoughts on how to do this.

Help… :frowning:

Just an idea here but what if instead of trying to drag the pieces to a new lane you just left them “activated” in their original lane. Once everything sounds close to what you want then highlight all the takes and select delete overlaps. This should clean things up nicely to one lane of just the bits you want to further edit.

As a side note if you’re not 100% sure of your decisions before you delete overlaps its a good idea to duplicate the entire folder track. This way you can mute it and always have your original bunch of takes to go back to for further editing if need be.

Hope this helps.

Good luck