Group Edit Question

Gday all.

I am currently using Cubase 8.5 Pro and to be honest I’m loving it! I know to a lot of the seasoned DAW users have issues but as a backroom muso it works just fine…Except the group edit feature which I have yet to get to work without the " Some tracks are not in sync " message popping up, no biggy but would be nice to use seeing it’s…there! So to my question, is the group editing feature on 9 any different to 8 ? Or am I just missing something obvious on this feature?

Also, I like using my two monitors, one for tracks and the other for the mixer. Because 9 has incorporated the two on the one screen, does that mean you can’t move the mixer to another screen?

Cheers for reading!

It’s the same in C9. It just has option to have them on one screen. I have 3 screens. Same as C8.

The reason you are getting that ‘not in sync’ message is because you have somehow changed one of the individual tracks in the group. Not knowing why or how makes it difficult to say what happened, but if your tracks/events in a group all start and end at the same time, then all should be good. If one track has an edit in it, bounce it and try again. Sorry for the vague answer…

Indeed the tracks in the group have to have the absolute same length, then it works.

If you have cuts in there made with the “find zero crossing” option enabled it’s likely they have minimally different length (the zero crossing thing affects each track individually) - something you just see on a high zoom level.

Selecting events in the group folder shows you which are in sync (in this case all of them are highlighted by clicking on just one) and which aren’t.

About the mixer: the lower zone mixer is just an option. You can still have the mixer on a second screen in Cubase 9.

I avoid zero crossing problems by turning on the AutoFade and AutoCrossfade option (Track settings I think, this then stops clicks/pops). But even with this, there are certain functions which don’t operate on all tracks so you just have to be really vigilant when making edits! I wish they’d fix it…


Thanks all. I thought that the group edit feature issue maybe a noob mistake and I will take the advise on board and give them a try. It’s a great forum this! This ol school muso would still be struggling with this technology without it!

Glad I can still choose to have a mixer on a different screen. Again, still learning. :wink: