Group Edit Sync Bug?

i’ve had a similar problem on a couple of occasions, here’s the most recent:

two tracks. four takes. exactly the same length, in the correct lane order (1,2,3,4). then i created a folder, brought both tracks in, engaged group edit. the “not in sync” warning did NOT come up. i made a few cuts. which cut fine, across all takes on both track…but then as soon as i started selecting segments from the different takes it gets all scrambled/shuffled up.

i’ve had it happen to groups tracks where there has ended up been a difference in length, or especially if one track was briefly/accidentally disabled during tracking. also, one time it seemed to solve the problem when i showed lanes on all of the tracks (which is ridiculous if that really was the solution). i dunno, just seems buggy or unrefined? and quite the frustrating bummer.

any ideas?

i’m bumpin 'er up : )

one more bump, because i am still puzzled

Cannot find why it happens but on some projects on some cuts if you zoom in you can see that track edges are cutting at slightly different times (out by a few frames) but it means that folder sync will not work from that point forward in a track. I cant find the set of events that make it happen but its defintely a bug

Have you got Snap to Zero Crossing enabled? This is well-known to screw up up Group Edit. You can recover the situation by turning it off and re-establishing identical start/end points by snipping/dragging.

It’s not really a bug as Group Edit depends on identical start/end points to work out what it should be group editing.