Group editing disaster

I have 16 takes of a multitrack drum recording. When I started to edit them (pressed the “Group editing” button on the drum folder track) I noticed that the selection of the takes got totally screwed up: selecting take 1 on the kick track selects take 1 on the overhead track and take 14 on all other tracks. Selecting take 2 on the kick track selects take 1 on all tracks except the overhead, where take 2 get selected etc.

  • the order of takes is correct on all tracks (from 1 to 16),
  • the takes are all in sync,
  • no editing was done prior to pressing the Group editing button for the first time
  • this screwed up recording is at the end of the song, all other recordings on the same tracks work fine.

Is there any way to reset the damn thing somehow to make it work again?

try switching off the group edit then select all take 1 and group by pressing control G repeat for takes 2 to 16 then switch group edit back on.

Thanks! Is there any known reason that makes Cubase mix up these group assignments?