Group Editing even if Audio has different start and stop points?

Hi all - I am familiar with group editing. I am also familiar with how finicky Cubase can be when trying to link tracks for group editing.

As you can see from my picture, my snare top and bottom tracks are not aligned - I had to time adjust the snare bottom to the snare top. Everything sounds better now but I can no longer edit them simultaneously as group edit stopped working.

Is there a work around for this? Can I somehow tell Cubase to overlook the audio events not being in sync and allow group editing?

All tips are VERY welcome!! Thanks for reading!


You can just shorten the bottom Audio Event from left and (I expect) shorten the top Audio Event from right.

Btw, if you have tried to do the phase cancelation, you can use the Track Delay in Millisecond parameter instead of moving the events.

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Hi Martin, thanks for your reply. Yes, this can work, but not really applicable to long takes that have been sliced and crossfaded already. More effective would be some kind of override on the group editing function that would allow audio to be group edited even with different start and end points.