Group Editing Incorrect Lane Problem

Hello all.
I am working on a project with multitrack drums and having issues with group editing. I have made sure all my tracks have the same lenghts and the lanes are open on all tracks that I am working on but I will for no apparent reason get the dreaded “Tracks in this folder are not in sync, group editing might fail message”. What happens is strange, when I try to use the comp tool to switch to a different take there will be for example 1 or 2 tracks out of 16 that will swtich to the wrong lane.

E.g. I have 16 tracks and have takes 1-4 in lanes 1-4, I will use group editing and the comp tool to change from take 1 to take 2, 14 out of 16 tracks will switch to take 2 correctly but one or two will switch to take 3. I have even made the lenghts of tracks different per each lane so that Cubase wouldn’t “confuse them” as having the same lenght, no luck. Tried reimporting and changing file names, no luck. Does anyone else have this issue? any possible fixes?

Thank you all!