Group editing Question

Hello everybody!
I got a question about Cubase 6 group editing.

Let us say I have a 7 drum tracks(in this case) and I am trying to use group editing,but as soon as I am activating a group editing button on a folder track I got a massage that says:

"The tracks in this folder are not completely in sync.
Group editing could fail! "
And it fails for shure. I am not able to aply group quantize on those drum tracks.
It happends with every project of this kind(recorded without a click).

So,my question is: what is wrong in such a situation?
Please help me!

Most likely the tracks are of dissimilar length possibly because of previous edits quite often done with snap to zero on.

The track starts at 0,just some tracks ending is not the same.So it should not be a problem.(???)

So,does it meens that It will be impossible to use group quantising of those tracks at all in the future?
Or if it is possible then how can I do that?!


Group Editing (and Lanes) don’t work unless all the stacked events are exactly the same length, so Zero Crossing is an absolute no-no. Don’t worry about it, you can tidy things up later with x-fades and the Glue Tool.

This recent thread is related to your question:

Thanks for the link,but I am not shure that this is the answer for my question,sorry!
Those drum tracks were recorded strait from the begining of the project and no edits were aplayed at all,so this is not the solution of editing with “Snap to zero” turned on!
Maybe the reason is becouse I was recorded that tracks using not the same converters inputs???
I ve been useing two MR816csx units daysy chained(96kHz-24bit). Lets say BD,Sn Top,Sn bottom and HH goes into MR816- 1,Inputs 1-4 and FL.Tom and Room mics went into MR816-2 unit Inputs 1-3.
Where I am loosing the SYNC of the tracks?
Sorry,still cant get an answer how to fix this problem!

Both units were set to internal SYNC!

Your tracks a most probably of dissimilar length!!! as stated.

Set snap to zero off and select all tracks, cut across all tracks at the start then cut across all tracks at the end.

Then Bounce selection, that should ensure all tracks are now exactly the same length then try group editing again.

Yes! Did as U suggested,-everything works perfect!
So,my mistake was that I did not cut the endings of the tracks,-could not pretend it makes the difference!

So thank you and good luck!