Group Free Warp *Feature Request?*

Is there a way to free warp group? I edited some drums and I have one kick that hits pretty early so using the slicing and events doesn’t help because the crossfade it creates causes the kick to hit twice. If I could just drop a warp tab that simultaneously warps all 11 drum tracks I would be golden.

I really hope they add this in soon… It would make it slay pro tools!

I for one was disappointed that C6 does not offer multi-track timestreach.

Yes please!

& we need to be able to see other tracks for reference when free warping…so (for example) we can easily align 2 vocal takes.

this would be greatly appreciated, Logic has been doing both of these since V9


One workaround for this is to resize the sample editor window so you can see the edit window. You can place the playback cursor where you need to align and it will be the same place in the sample editor. It would be nice to have a more elegant solution though.

Thanks, but I find that only works well for transient material…for bass or vocals I’d often like to see how a phrase is sitting against another over the length of it rather than quantising to a single hitpoint.