Group multiple tacet movements

Question about tacets in parts:
I am working on a music theater project with many flows and some instruments being tacet for as many as 10 consecutive scenes. At the moment the flow titles and the tacet signs fill up more than an entire page in their part. Is there a way to make their part just show something like “Tacet scene 7-17” instead of the title of every individual movement.

Welcome to the forum @T_S - not automatically to my knowledge, but you could instead make a separate master page set for these players (you can reuse a set for any player tacet in the same flows), remove all but one tacet flow from the master page frame chain entirely (so they won’t appear anywhere in the layout), and then customize the flow heading for the remaining tacet flow - either by using a custom flow heading or by overriding the text, which might be easier especially if you want “real music” to follow on on the same page.

wow thank for the quick reply!