Group Mutant

I have a question about muting a group channel.

Say I have 8 tracks going to a group channel and 3 of those tracks are muted. When I mute then unmute the group channel the 3 tracks that were muted aren’t anymore.

Is there a setting to stop this from happening? I find it very annoying when for example I want to mute an entire Vocal group for referencing.

Cheers in advance!

For real? No solution?

Hi Mordy

In preferences -> VST there is an option called “Group channels: mute sources as well”

Try turning this off.

from the help: “If “mute sources as well” is activated, then muting a group channel will cause all other channels directly routed to it to be muted. Pressing mute again will unmute the group channel and all other channels directly routed to it.”



Thanks FunkyDrummer!!