Group names in score an printing...


I’m working on a score for 10 singers…
Created two groups: ‘Primo Choro’ and ‘Secundo Choro’… (each containing 5 singers)

I would like these groupnames to be visible in the score… (should also be printed…)

How to proceed?


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This is not yet possible, though the community has been told that such a feature might be implemented in the future.

Not possible — unless you use a workaround…
You could add it as a graphic element — build the label in an app like PS or ID and export it as svg file format. Create some graphic frames in Engrave mode where you want those labels and paste. Since it’s not vectorial stuff, it’s not a pretty as will be once it’s implemented properly in Dorico but it could save your day.
Hope it helps

Ok. Thanks!