Group names without instrument names

Hi, congratulations on Dorico 4.
I just did some testing with group names. Very nice addition. I would like to only show the group name with noc instrument names in a double Choir. I couldn’t find a way to do it. Seems like the group names are bound to showing the instrument names?!?

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Yes, this may be true. I will make a note to look into this once we’re through the initial rush of feedback.


Thank you!

Just a little follow up: I would be great, if group labels could be hidden or shown in a similar way to staff labels at system or frame breaks. Would be very helpful for my work with lot’s of flows and different combinations of instruments.

That might be quite complicated and probably not quick to add, but I’ve made a note of it.

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Showing group names is a great feature.

It would be even better if we could optionally have the group labels not aligned horizontally. Sometimes one group label needs much more space to the right than another, due to the varying lengths of the staff labels.