Group notes to show beats


How do I make the vocal line in the attachment match the note grouping of the piano? I want turn the second dotted note in the vocal into a tied note to show the beats clearly.

note grouping.png

I guess it’ll work when switching on ‘force duration’ (shortcut ‘o’) and inputting the tied notes again. Maybe there’s also a notation option (shift-cmd-N, beaming) that has the desired outcome automatically, you could experiment with that.

You can also set your time signature (with the shift-M popover) like this: [2+2+2+1]/8. This will display as 7/8, but your ties and beam groupings will work as desired.

Thanks, force duration worked. I wasn’t able to find a beaming option for this. I set everything to tied notes, but Dorico still did not do it automatically.

I had tried [4+3], but that didn’t work. Maybe I should have been more specific, as Stephen suggested.

I am still somewhat confused about this behaviour in Dorico. I can’t think of an example where I would want the Vocal and the Piano show beats differently.

Does the bracketed popover input work in Dorico Elements? I wanted to beam a highly-syncopated rhythm in quarter notes, instead of the half-notes that Dorico gives by default. Elements doesn’t have the “Notation Options” dialog, so I tried entering the time signature as [1+1+1+1]/4 – there was no joy. Is this just one of the limitations of Elements?

It does work, but I’m afraid I think that specifically for 4/4, Dorico won’t do exactly what you want without also being able to set a particular notation option, i.e. ‘Eighth notes in simple time signatures with a half-bar’ needs to be set to ‘Break beams at beat boundaries’ on the Beam Grouping page of Notation Options. If you send me your project (d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de) I could change this setting and send it back to you!

Thanks for the offer, Daniel! I don’t really have a project – I’ve just been evaluating Dorico, and since I tried Pro first, then Elements, before I discovered this, or I (probably) would have found the correct Notation Options setting.

All this means is that I probably need to go with Pro, instead of with Elements. But, considering that it improves on everything that has annoyed me about Finale for the past 30 years (and when did I get that old?) I’m happy to do it.