group of instrument's name on the score

Hello to all,

Surely a basic question, but I can’t find it in Dorico, nor in topics on this forum: How could we add groups of instrument’s names on the score? Like for example in a choir score, before or under names of singers such as S, A, T or B, the name “choir” would appear like in this score (“Choeur I” and “Choeur II”:

How could we do that in Dorico? I have the new version Pro 2 (bravo for this update by the way, so much developed material, it’s becoming more and more like “rolls-royces” in the world of music notation softwares.

All best

It is not possible to add group names automatically yet, I’m afraid, though this is certainly planned. For the time being you can add it using text, which I would advise you to do only at the end of your layout process.